Athletic Body Peptide Bundle

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Athletic Body Peptide Bundle


Say ‘No!’ to the effects of aging and ‘Yes!” to quality and sustainable muscle mass! The Athletic Body peptide bundle allows your whole body to reap the rewards of vitality and muscle cell generation. Look and feel youthful with our specifically formulated combination of peptides that combine to enhance their effect and improve the efficiency of your health goals. In addition to reversing the age-related decline in muscle performance, and decreasing overall body fat, the Athletic Body Bundle is known to promote slow wave sleep (responsible for deeper sleep quality, higher cell regeneration and memory retention)!

What’s Included:

In this bundle, you will receive: • SARMS Forte 3000mcg/mL: 2 x 5mL vials ready-to-inject, intramuscular (8 week supply) • CJC1295/Ipamorelin 2000mcg/mL: 2 x 5mL vials ready-to-inject, subcutaneous (up to 20 week supply)

Possible Results:

• Tight, lean muscle mass • Decreased total body fat • Increased strength • Promotion of new muscle fibers • Rapid recovery between workouts • Slow wave sleep • Neural protection • Enhances skin elasticity and thickness • Diminished wrinkling • Joint rejuvenation, protection, and healing • Increased bone density • Improved blood flow to the kidneys • Elevated energy levels.

Suitable For:

Both Males and Females wanting to experience anti-aging and vitality while building lean muscle mass and losing fat. Please note, as this is a prescription item, one of our doctors will review your profile and approve your order if appropriate. A prescription will only be issued in accordance to the prescribing guidelines, and for use that strictly complies to the doctor’s directions and dosage. This script will be forwarded to our dispensary team, and placed in our secure, internal records.
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