Hair Loss Bundle 3 Month Supply

Hair Loss Bundle 3 Month Supply

Potency: 99%
Purity: 99%
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Content and Potency: Dutasteride 2.5MG + Zinc 50MG Capsules & Minoxidil 50mg/mL (+Retinol) Solution Suggested dosage: Dutasteride 2.5mg + Zinc 50mg : Take ONE capsule daily after food Minoxidil 50mg/mL (+Retinol): Apply ONE mL to scalp once daily at night.
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Hair Loss Bundle 3 Month Supply


HAIR LOSS DUAL TREATMENT Hair loss affects both men & women and can have strong emotional and psychological consequences. The causes of hair loss can range from hormonal changes, stress, and iron deficiency, to fungal infections and medication side effects. A popular over the counter treatment we offer at Como Compounding Pharmacy is a minoxidil solution. This is available at concentrations ranging from 2-5%. Minoxidil has been shown to promote increases in hair regrowth and thickness, and is thought to dilate small blood vessels around the scalp to stimulate hair growth. While some patients begin to see rapid results after just weeks of use, the maximum benefit is usually visible after 6 months of consistent use. It is important to note that minoxidil treatment must be continued to maintain hair growth. Otherwise, the pre-treatment state returns within 3-4 months of ceasing treatment. We also offer compounded finasteride capsules on prescription as a more efficacious hair loss solution to topical minoxidil. For maximum results, we recommend a combined use. Commercial preparations of finasteride are available; however, Como Compounding Pharmacy offers the benefit and convenience of tailored doses to the patient, often at a more affordable price. Our finasteride formulation has added herbal and mineral ingredients to improve results and minimise side effects. Ask about our Finasteride 1mg, Saw Palmetto 50mg, Zinc 50mg combination capsules.


• Dutasteride 2.5mg, Zinc 50mg daily capsules x 100 Capsules • Minoxidil 50mg daily topical scalp solution x 100mL Please note, as this is a prescription item, one of our doctors will review your profile and approve your order if appropriate. A prescription will only be issued in accordance to the prescribing guidelines, and for use that strictly complies to the doctor’s directions and dosage. This script will be forwarded to our dispensary team, and placed in our secure, internal records.
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