Maximum Gains Body Peptide Bundle

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Maximum Gains Body Peptide Bundle


Get the maximum results your crave from your work out and push yourself further! The Maximum Gains Peptide Bundle has been specifically developed to be the cutting-edge protocol for enhancing and extending your muscle building and performance. Amplify the results of your routine with peptides deliberately selected to significantly increase muscle growth, considerably repair existing muscle fibers, and rapidly regenerate new muscle fibers. Plus, you can achieve all this knowing that the Maximum Gains Bundle has a lower chance of unwelcome sides effects, unlike other products like steroids.

What’s Included:

In this bundle, you will receive: • MGF 2000mcg/mL: 1 x 5mL vial ready-to-inject, subcutaneous (10 week supply) • SARMS Forte 3000mcg/mL: 2 x 5mL vials ready-to-inject, intramuscular (8 week supply) • Follistatin 344 1000mcg/mL: 1 x 1mL vial ready-to-inject, subcutaneous / intramuscular (10 day supply) • CJC1295/Ipamorelin 2000mcg/mL: 2 x 5mL vials ready-to-inject, subcutaneous (up to 20 week supply)

Examples of conditions that may benefit:

• Muscular dystrophy • Sarcopenia • Neuromuscular diseases

Possible Results:

• Extended muscle performance during training • Stimulated muscle growth • Reduced muscle loss during non-workout periods • Regenerated nerve tissue • Increased fat burning and leaner body mass • Maximized protein transportation into cells • Reduced protein breakdown • Elevated white blood cell production • Improved functional limitations associated with ageing

Suitable For:

Both Males and Females focused on enhancing their physique, maximizing strength and performance, and assisting initial muscle-building processes. Please note, as this is a prescription item, one of our doctors will review your profile and approve your order if appropriate. A prescription will only be issued in accordance to the prescribing guidelines, and for use that strictly complies to the doctor’s directions and dosage. This script will be forwarded to our dispensary team, and placed in our secure, internal records.
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