Additional Information- Synonyms- No
IUPAC- (4-Benzylpiperazin-1-yl)-[2-(3-methylbutylamino)pyridin-3-yl]methanone
Formula- C22H30N4O
Molecular weight- 366.4998 g/mol
CAS 1270138-40-3
Appearance- No
Purity- No

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NSI-189 is an experimental, novel potential antidepressant drug that's below investigation by Neuralstem, Inc. for the treatment for major depression (MDD), moreover as for cognitive impairment and neurodegeneration. Analysis into NSI-189 has been funded by the Defense Advanced analysis projects Agency (DARPA) and therefore the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The mechanism of action of NSI-189 seems to be activation of neurogenesis within the hippocampus and potential enlargement of this structure, however however the drug mediates these effects is unknown and binding studies have up to now didn't establish any bound molecular targets for the drug. As declared by Neuralstem, NSI-189 may be a "new chemical entity with novel mechanism of action, molecular target nevertheless unknown, however not mediate by SSRI or SNRI or by BDNF unleash or via any noted GPCRs, kinases, or channels." The drug was discovered via high-throughput screening of a library of 10,269 compounds for neurogenic effects in vitro. NSI-189 with success completed a phase I clinical trial for MDD in 2011, wherever it had been administered to forty one healthy volunteers. A phase Ib clinical test for treating MDD in twenty four patients started in 2012 and completed in Gregorian calendar month 2014, with results printed in Dec 2015. Neuralstem is currently getting ready to initiate phase II clinical trial clinical studies for MDD within the first quarter of 2016, with results expected within the half of 2017. within the 2 clinical studies conducted up to now, NSI-189 has shown statistically important effectiveness in reducing depressive symptoms, has been found to be safe and well-tolerated (with no major adverse effects observed), and has been found to enhance psychological feature deficits in depressed patients. Additionally to MDD, Neuralstem intends to pursue clinical development of NSI-189 for a spread of alternative neurologic conditions, as well as traumatic brain injury, Alzheimer's, post-traumatic stress disorder, stroke, and natural psychological feature and memory decline in aging. NSI-189 USE NSI-189 is registered for medical use in some countries which is made available by prescription. Currently, it is approved for general memory and attention disorders and is commonly given to the elderly to help reduce depression. NSI-189 BENEFITS As stated above, NSI-189 can have many off-label uses. It is considered a fairly safe and low toxicity substance to improve cognition and memory or reduce anxiety symptoms. Like other racetams, it can have an added benefit of reducing free radicals and oxidative stress in the brain which can lead to degenerative diseases and neurological complications. It should not be used as a main line of defence or treatment for degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Dementia but may have merit in reducing some of the symptoms associated. Below, are some of the common observed benefits of NSI-189. Results may vary. Reduced Depression Improved Memory Increased Learning Ability Improved Cognitive Processing Heightened Reflexes Heightened Perception Reduced Anxiety If you suffer from a medical condition, do not use NSI-189 as a primary therapy. It may be used in conjunction with other therapies however it is always recommended to consult a licensed medical professional prior to administration. Limited data about side effects and interactions have been recorded and safety should be evaluated by a doctor before on or off-label usage. NSI-189 SAFETY & SIDE EFFECTS NSI-189, as a generic chemical and patented drug has been shown to be effective in improving overall cognition and mental processing. Side effects and tolerance are rare occurrences and usually occur in higher doses or recurrent use. There is limited date on fatalities or severe side with NSI-189. Brain toxicity and hepatoxicity are unrecorded and the substance is deemed to be safe by several patented manufacturers of the drug. It should never be used as a self-medication practice for physiological problems. Never self-prescribe and always practice due diligence by speaking with a doctor before use. Common Side Effects Include: Headache Nausea Insomnia Gastrointestinal Problems You may experience other side effects that the ones listed above. If you experience side effects, discontinue use immediately and consult medical advice. Limiting dosage amount and frequency can often reduce or eliminate side effects and symptoms of use. Using NSI-189 with other supplements or drugs can increase side effects. Stacking NSI-189 with a choline source is recommended and can often help with some of the above symptoms. It is generally safe to stack NSI-189 with other racetams but it is recommended to evaluate individual results on each substance before doing so. Tolerance can occur with frequent use of NSI-189 but there are few reports of negative withdrawal symptoms. Often, tolerance will result in a reduction of desired benefits. Tolerance does not appear to be life threatening or dangerous. Cycling NSI-189 with other racetam or nootropic compounds is the best practice to avoid tolerance issues.

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